Paul John Elliott – Stretching Canada

In 2005, Paul John Elliott established Stretching Canada to offer Acitive Isolated Stretching (AIS) Foundations and Advanced seminars to Canada’s therapists, trainers and movement specialists – helping seminar participants and their clients to breakthrough to new levels of flexibility and strength.

About AIS Seminars

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is a technique used by many top therapists for fascial release, performance enhancement, reduced recovery times and injury prevention. AIS is a system of safely elongating myofascial tissues, which can help to eliminate pain and improve human performance. AIS centers on physiological principles of specific muscle lengthening creating increased circulation and oxygen to the tissues as well as lengthening of the superficial and deep fascia.

About Paul John Elliott and the PJE Clinic

Since 2003, Paul John Elliott has specialized in synergistic, therapeutic problem-solving using bodyworking techniques such as NeuroKinetic Therapy® (NKT), Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), Myofascial Therapy and specific strengthening, to name a few.

Paul John Elliott works together with his clients to detect causes of pain. Through comprehensive intake and assessments, it’ll seek out and address physical restrictions that may be contributing to pain and discomfort. It will continue to affect positive change in your physical situation through flexibility, postural re-alignment and specific strength.