About AIS Seminars

Learn Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) through Canada’s only authorized AIS instructor, Paul John Elliott. Paul specializes in teaching AIS nationwide, empowering all manual therapists and lay-people with the AIS protocols as they pertain to clinical treatments and problems related to physical restrictions.

The Active Isolated Stretching seminars are designed for anyone concerned about mobility and health, particularly manual therapists. The AIS participant will find this work effective in postural restoration, performance enhancement and injury prevention as well as a powerful adjunct for rehabilitation.


Course Outlines

The AIS protocols will be demonstrated for each segment of the body. Utilizing the principles of reciprocal inhibition, client involvement with an active agonist contraction, the importance of a therapists’ stabilizing hand and the delicateness of the active hand as well as the benefits of proper breathing and working with the myotatic reflex will comprise much of the classroom theory.

The course is comprised of 80% practise time and 20% demonstration.

Continuing Education Credits

  • CATA 6.4
  • NHPC 10
  • MTAA 18
  • NCBTMB 15
  • NCBTMB 15
  • BCRPA 15
  • BCAK 16
  • AFLCA 12
  • CMTNB 8 CEU’s (Cat A)
  • MTAM 14
  • MTAS 15


What is the price for the seminar?

CDN $424 early registration – CDN $525 regular price.

Early registration ends 30 days prior to event. (See events page mailto:http://stretchingcanada.com/teaching/scheduled-events)

What type of credit card do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard and PayPal

What is your refund policy?

For our cancellation & refund please see here (link to cancellation policy)

How long does a seminar take?

16 hours – Check course schedules for days and times.

Out of respect for your fellow attendees, please do no use any scented personal products during the seminar, thanks!