2019 AIS Foundations Seminar – OTTAWA – February 08+09


 The AIS a seminars are designed for anyone concerned about wellness and health.
The Active Isolated Stretching seminars empower all trainers, movement specialists and manual therapists with the full compliment of AIS protocols as they pertain to problems related to a client’s physical restrictions. These seminars offer therapist the tools to achieve maximum results with minimum effort.
These seminars are comprised of 80% hands-on and 20% lecture and will cover both Self and Assisted stretching.
What to expect from the Advanced AIS Curriculum:
Applications of AIS Protocols.
1) Review of the principles and neuromuscular basis of AIS and its clinical importance.
2) Conduct screening evaluations and formulate therapy (protocols) strategies.
3) Setting attainable goals for and with the client.
4) Building a treatment plan that can be easily followed by the client.
5) Linking AIS to commonly addressed conditions and joint dysfunctions.
Specific Strengthening.
1) Understanding the need for specific strengthening is imperative to maintaining achieved results.
2) Applying a specific strengthening program to your Active Isolated Stretching experience.
Active Listening.
1) This section is designed to hone your inherent “listening” skills with a touch that connects us with the tissues.
2) How, when and why to readjust our touch as the fascial network adjusts to the mechanical signaling of the AIS technique.

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